The work of the Missionaries of the Faith in the Philippines began on 02 October 1990. On this day the agreement between the Missionaries of the Faith and the Bishop of the diocese of San Pablo, HE Msgr. Pedro N. BANTIGUE. The Philippine Mission was elevated as a Province on March 25, 2003.

During the visit of Father Jesùs Marìa Palacios, cmf, Episcopal Delegate,
an Assembly was celebrated in which all the priests who worked in the Philippines participated. During the various sessions, the text of the Institute's Charism, the new Constitutions, the need to reorganize the structures of the Congregation and the need to implement the chapter decisions of 2014 were discussed.

The territory of this province, for now, is extended only to the largest of the
Philippine islands , Luzón.

The permanent members of this vice province are 21 priests. There are also 16
seminarians in the various stages of formation before the novitiate.

The communities annexed to the parishes in this province are 2. There
are three institutions belonging to this province: The novitiate house where
the provincial government also resides , the house for philosophy students and the house for
theology students.


The Missions


Diocese of DAET

  • Parish of San Cajetan , 4604 Tulay na
    Lupa, Labo, Camarines Norte
  • Rev. Frederick M. Torres , mf Parrocco;
  • Rev. Francis S. Zurbano , mf  Vice Parish Priest and Local Superior

Diocese of LUCENA

  • Domus Pastor Bonus , MF Theological House, Southgate Subdivision, Calumpang, 
    Tayabas, Quezon.
  • Rev. Federico I. Asesor, mf , Rector;
  • Rev. Jemilhem M. Nunez, mf . Deputy Rector; 
  • Rev. Avelino P. Cads, mf.  Spiritual Father and Confessor

Diocese of SAN PABLO

  • Provincial House / Philosophical House , Don Manuel Street, Vesco Sundivision, 4000 San Pablo City, Laguna
  • Rev. Michaelangelo R. Costa mf , Rector;
  • Rev. Wiston D. Larido, mf . Deputy Rector; 
  • Rev. Nestor O Alipio, mf.  Confessor

Diocese of SAN PABLO

  • Parish of San Sabastian, Brgy, Sto, Nino, 4000 Lumban, Laguna
  • Rev. Benjamin A Andes Jr,  mf Local Superior;
  • Rev. Edilberto G. Mesias , mf  Parish Priest; 
  • Rev. Joseph M. Bazar, mf,    Deputy Parish Priest;
  • Rev. Inego T. Adona Jr, mf,    Vice Parish Priest;

Diocese of SAN PABLO

  • Domus Providentiae, Home for Elderly Priests, Fule Sahagun St. -11, Brgy, VII-A, 4000 Luumban, Laguna.
  • Rev. Elorde Demitillo , mf  confessor;
  • Rev Linus Julian B. Sarte, mf . Ministries in two Parishes; 
  • Rev. Renato C. Bron, mf.  Ministries in a Parish;

The statistics

  • Priests 21
  • Temporary Vows 3
  • Novices 2
  • Major Seminarians 3
  • Minor Seminarians 8

Government of the Philippine Province

  •  Ricardo B. BASQUINEZ, mf,  -  Provincial Superior 
  •  Michelangelo R. COSTA, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor and Vicar
  • Loretto A. SOTTO II, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor and Secretary
  • Federico I. ASESOR, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor and Treasurer
  • Edilberto G. MESIAS, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor