The Vietnam Mission, erected in 1989, was elevated as a Province on March 25, 2003. During the visit of the superior general, Fr. Aldo Sperolini, mf, an Assembly was held in which all the priests who worked in this province participated. 

During the various sessions we talked about the text of the charism of the Institute, the new Constitutions, the need to reorganize the structures of the Congregation, the need to update the chapter decisions and the importance of a high quality formation. During the visit the superiors were able to get to know some communities and formation centers with their respective formators and the formation plan relevant to each stage of formation was studied.

The  territory  of this Province extends to the various regions of Vietnam. The Province also includes the Japan Mission opened in 2010.

The permanent members of this province are 73, ie 58 priests, 5 deacons and 10 seminarians of perpetual profession. In addition to these there are also 86 seminarians of temporary profession who continue with their philosophical-theological formation. There are also 65 non-professed seminarians in the various stages of formation before the novitiate.

The communities  annexed to the parishes in this province are eight. The institutions that belong to this province are five: The curia of the province and the houses of formation.


The Missions

Diocese of HA NOI

Parish: Doan Nu


House: Sao Mai

Diocese of HUNG HOA

Parish: Don Vang

Parish: Thach Khoan

Diocese of PHU CUONG

Provincial House : Thu Dau Mot Town.

Community: Tan Hiep (Novice House)

Parish: Ba Lua

Parish: Ba Tra

Parish: Cay Truong

Parish:  Dau Tieng

Diocese of THAI BINH

Parish:  Thu Chinh

Parish: Thuy Loi

Mission: Ngoc Chau

Parish: An Vy


Diocese of VINH

Parish: Trung Hoa

Community: Yen Dinh.


Diocese of XUAN LOC

Community: Long Thuan

Diocese of BA RIA

Community: Da Bac

Diocese of YOKOHAMA

Parish:  Fujisawa, Japan


The statistics

Priests 58

Deacons  5

Perpetual Vows  10

Temporary Vows 86

Novices 8

Major Seminarians 17

Minor Seminarians 40

Government of the Province of Vietnam

Thomas Dinh NGOC LOC, mf,  -  Provincial Superior 

Dominic Nguyen CONG KHUONG, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor and Treasurer

Joseph Ngo DUC TAI, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor

Peter Nguyen HUNG HAI, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor

Joseph Nguyen VAN THANH, mf,  -  Provincial Councilor

Joseph Trinh VAN CUNG, mf,  -  Provincial Secretary


Ý Cầu Nguyện

Tháng 1

Cầu cho các nhà giáo dục: 

Chúng ta hãy cầu nguyện để các nhà giáo dục trở nên chứng nhân đáng tin cậy, biết dạy về tình huynh đệ hơn là óc ganh đua, cũng như biết ưu tiên giúp đỡ những ai nhỏ bé nhất và dễ bị tổn thương nhất.

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