The Myanmar Mission was erected as a Vice Province on March 25, 2003. 

When for the first time, the light of the Gospel illuminated that land, it found a great indifference on the part of the various ethnic groups who are very well rooted in their beliefs. 

The tireless commitment and strong faith of the Italian missionaries got their first fruits in the central eastern area of ​​Myanmar (ex-Burma). The nation, with a Buddhist majority, faces a critical situation especially for the religious and cultural education of young people. Pastoral work, now on the shoulders of the native missionaries, is still particularly difficult due to this situation. 

Our Missionary Fathers of the Faith worked, at the beginning, in the diocese of Loikaw where the Catholic minority never tires of walking on the paths of the merciful Father. There were two communities and five Missionary Fathers of the Faith.

The formation community is in Dòngankha, with nine novices for religious formation and about 20 boys for school (all are cared for by our fathers); it is the largest, and the one where the apostolate requires the most commitment.

Our Missionaries had a lot to do to penetrate the religious beliefs of the population and correct them. Bishop Sotero Phamo entrusted the Missionaries with three villages, each with about 300 Christian and non-Christian houses. The Bishop's esteem and trust in the Missionaries of the Faith gave great enthusiasm for the pastoral commitment. Now we are also present in the diocese of Myitkyina.

The Missions

Diocese of LOIKAW

  • Domus Mater Fidei , Vice Provincial House, Dounganka Qrt, Deemoso, Kayah State

Diocese of LOIKAW

  • St. Joseph's Parish,  Mailon, Loikaw

Diocese of LOIKAW

  • St. Joseph's Parish, Donoku, Loikaw.

Diocese of LOIKAW

  • Infant Jesus Parish , Bolakhe

Diocese of LOIKAW

  • St. Francis Assisi Parish , Ywarthit

Diocese of MYITKYINA

  • St. Paul's Parish , Shadau, Myitkyina, Kachin State

The statistics

  • Priests 17
  • Temporary Vows 1

Government of the Vice-Province of Myanmar

  • Louis GABRIEL, mf,  -  Superior  of the  Vice-province
  • Damiano SOE, mf,  -  Treasurer  and  Councilor of the Vice-Province
  • Basilio KHUN KOREH, mf,  -  Councilor of the Vice-Province
  • Stephen AYE MIN THU, mf,  -  Secretary of the Vice-province

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